Internship at Modular Finance

I’m approaching the end of my internship here at Modular Finance and thought I’d share some of my thoughts on my experience here this summer.


So who am I? I’m a student at Linköpings university in computer science and have finished four years of my five-year education. During my master I have studied mostly machine learning and data science related courses and have a general interest in the financial market. I got in contact with Modular Finance through a finance podcast where Petter Hedborg (CEO) participated, which sparked my interest in the company and shortly after listening to the podcast, I applied for a summer internship.


What then sparked my interest? I have a genuine interest in development, data and the stock market and Modular Finance ticked all of those boxes. Since most of the products here have something to do with all three of these areas I thought it would be interesting to do an internship here. Prior to coming here and actually beginning my internship I got to choose from a few projects to spend my time on during the summer, and I was told that the main idea behind the internship is for me to learn and get to know the company. So I was exited to dive into the data goldmine and get right to coding!

What did I do?

During my first weeks I was generally exploring Modular Finance’s data and performing some data analysis on it. I got to choose what type of language to use and since Python is my go to language, that’s what I was using when doing the analysis and minor machine learning applications. Modular Finance has taken the approach of providing their customers with the data without any extensive analysis of the data, therefore the data analysis task was more of a gimmick, and a way for me to explore the data and learn more about machine learning and data analysis in general. I also learnt about SQL queries from my colleagues since there’s a lot of experience in that field here! During my studies in data analysis, there’s been a focus on data manipulation through the use of Pandas and Numpy in Python but, after this internship, I will rely more heavily on SQL queries.

Moving on, I had expressed that I would like to do something more concrete in the form of developing a service which was what I spent most of my time doing. Essentially, the purpose of the service was to monitor other services and notify someone if some services were acting strange or unexpectedly. Currently, they are using third party software to monitor all of their micro services, so the idea was that this new service would replace the third party software. Since it was decided that this was going to be an open-source project, I refer to the github for anyone interested in learning more about this project since I will not go into all details about the project in this post.

One of the most used programming languages here is Golang, so it was natural to develop the backend using Go. I had never used Golang before, so it was interesting to try a new language and since it is one of the most used languages here I got a lot of feedback and help during the development of the backend which really helped me kickstart the project. The environment is very helpful here, and I felt encouraged to ask questions which is something I really value.

The frontend of the project was developed using ReasonML. They had never used Reason before in a project, so the reason for using Reason was to evaluate the language in order to see if it was appropriate to use in upcoming projects. This meant that I could not get as much help from the developers, and I had to rely more on solving problems and making decisions on my own. Regardless of the lack of experience of Reason here I still felt supported and got help whenever it was possible. I managed to finish the project, and I’m happy with the end result, and the fact that I got to code something which they will use in production!


During this internship I felt like I got to know Modular Finance and learn a lot about SQL, data analysis, golang, ReasonML and various different topics brought up during the lunch and learn sessions. Lunch and learn? Well, anyone that has knowledge about essentially anything tech related has the opportunity to host a small lecture about some topic during the lunch break and in return Modular Finance will pay for everyone’s lunch. Furthermore, there’s a lot of general stock market discussions going on during the days in the office, which is something I personally liked.

So if you are reading this and are thinking of applying for an internship, don’t hesitate! I was well taken care of and thought they did an excellent job at handling my application and internship in general. If I had the chance, I would apply for an internship again, and I hope future interns will have the same experience as I.

Agaton Sjöberg, Developer/Intern